Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 18

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Wednesday brings a new moon in Virgo. You’ll have the space and the energy, if you need it, to fix what’s been out of place, and to step with a clear heart through this open door. Then, on Friday, is the autumnal equinox, and the sun enters Libra. In this new season, will you seek a new symmetry in stars and the sky?

Aries: There are days when the world seems like it’s only getting noisier, only getting worse, like it’ll never be good again. It’s okay to feel your pessimism this week. But remind yourself, when the midnight feels most deep and blue, when the morning feels most gray, that we still don’t know the future. There’s still enough space for goodness to grow, enough space to keep trying.

Taurus: Even when everyone around you seems confusing or messy or wild, there’s a way to live in a world with other people. Even when the people you really love seem very far away, there’s this whole rich communal world. It’s a good week for talking to strangers. It’s a good week just for sharing space. It’s a good week to listen to the conversations around you, to give what small kindness you can.

Gemini: As the world changes and darkens and shifts, it’s easy to feel sorrow as your own imagined futures change and darken, too. But some things that look, on their surface, like sacrifices, aren’t sacrifices at all. Some things that look like loss are more like a snake shedding its skin, like a moon that looks dark before starting its cycle again. Some places you once feared might become welcoming, might become wild and green with life, might come to look like home.

Cancer: In the middle of whatever wildness this week brings, give yourself the space to live your own life, private and strange and full. You can take a walk going nowhere in particular, letting your thoughts wander and weave. You can spend an afternoon with someone who reminds you how funny you are, how brilliant, how true. This is a week for returning to yourself.

Leo: You don’t have to count on your feelings alone to clear a path through the world. You know how to care for other people in a way that’s bright and steady, but still, some days love can start to feel like it’s no longer enough, not powerful or wild enough to hold you up in this precarious world. It’s okay. Sometimes, you just need to wake up in the morning and keep doing what you can.

Virgo: When a season ends and another begins, you can feel the energy in your heart. There’s a sweetness in the new color of the sky, and in the possibilities that open up overhead. So much of the time, you’re working on your own, struggling and trying with no real end in sight. This is a week for stopping, just for a second, to notice how bright your own light has grown.

Libra: This week, imagine how you could live if you no longer had to impress anyone around you. Imagine how you could move if you no longer had to make all your words fly smooth and easy through the air. Think of all your reading, all your thinking, all your fighting and dreaming — you’ve worked so hard, and it’s brought you here. There are still places to go, still ways left to grow, but your weird bright core is strong. You’ve already built the self you needed.

Scorpio: This is the time for your weirdest ideas, for your dreamiest projects, for all the expansive joy or generosity you’ve been told is out of reach. Nobody knows what’s coming next, not even the people who say they do. If there’s something brewing in your heart, something itching in the tips of your fingers, now’s as good a time as any to get started. You can go for the thing you really want, for the thing you really need.

Sagittarius: This is a week for feeling the ground under your feet, for touching the soil with your own bare hands. Your mind moves with such incredible speed, but it’s helpful sometimes to slow down, to dig into the work of living on earth. There’s a sweetness in living in dreams and abstractions, but there’s a joy in living in your own body, too. This week, if you pay attention to the details, you might find the answers you’ve been seeking.

Capricorn: If you’re already doing all the work you can, this is a week for getting the rest you need, too. Sometimes, when nothing in the whole world feels true or good, constant action can feel like relief, but remember to give yourself moments of stillness, too. This is a week for taking a walk on a cool evening, for remembering all the ways there are to be alive.

Aquarius: There are clues and messages in the air and water all around you. You can look up at the stars, and you can look down at the earth, and you can listen to the ideas of the people who love you, the people you trust. Still, this week, you might be the only one who knows just what you need to be doing. You’re the only one in your own body, and the only one who knows how much farther you can go before you need a rest.

Pisces: When you measure your own body against the size of the world, it’s easy to feel impossibly small. It’s easy, too, to forget the wild dizzy size of the world inside you. This week, the kindness you’re able to carry might feel impossibly small, and it’s okay. Not everything has to feel like a whole boulder lifted; not everything has to feel like a sacrifice that could save the world. Your own acts of courage don’t always have to feel good, or bad, or any way at all. Sometimes, it’s enough to stand when you could sit down.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 18