Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 4

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Tomorrow, Mars enters Virgo and Mercury goes direct. Maybe it’ll feel like a morning fog burning off in the sun, or maybe it’ll feel like you’ve woken up after a good night’s sleep. Then, on Wednesday, a full moon in Pisces makes room for all your dreaminess, too.

Aries: When you feel most stuck, this week, you might be surprised by other people. Their own lives and ideas might just shake your wildness loose. When you feel like there’s no space left to move, it’ll be other people who open up your thoughts again, who expand your idea of what’s possible. This is a lucky place to be, ready to break through the dark into something different.

Taurus: Sometimes, your body fills with love and feeling and there’s a sweetness to it, a golden light, a knowledge that the world is a place full of hope and people. Other times, this love feels less like a gift and more like some kind of dread coiled up tight in your stomach. It’s not easy to keep loving the world when the present is dark and the future uncertain. This is a week to practice living with love’s heaviness, as well as its joy.

Gemini: Maybe the wind will start to blow cool again, and maybe the streets will finally release some of the heat they’ve held all summer.
Maybe the tilt of the earth will hit just the right angle; maybe you’ll begin dreaming of change again. Where the air felt hazy before, now it can be sharp again. Where your imagination felt blurred and dull, now it can remember how to move, how to leap.

Cancer: Sometimes, your own desire can beat so hard in your chest that it’s hard to walk straight, and the search for care and recognition can feel like a burden, a storm cloud, a bruise. This week, maybe this weight will lift, even if you stay rooted to the ground. Sometimes, all you have to do is find a vessel large enough for your love to fit.

Leo: There are so many bright, good ideas in the world, so many ways to care. There are arguments constructed as elegantly as a cathedral, as sturdily as a mountain, but you don’t need to hold them all close. Your thoughts are almost infinite, and your time is not. It’s okay to turn away from the ideas that don’t move you. There’s so much in the world you don’t need to care about — it’s okay to let some of it go.

Virgo: This week, you might feel some kind of bright energy on your side. It won’t be the energy of anxiety or the energy of spinning gray doubt, but something you can use. This is a week for sending the letters you’ve been holding on to, or for speaking the words that lingered deep in your head. You’ve waited so long, and you’ve worked so hard. It’s not the sky or the tides that can make you brave, but all the energy you’ve stored up, finally ready to use.

Libra: You’re so good at keeping your balance, and you’re good at speaking only the words you know to be true, but this week, if you start to find it difficult to move, remind yourself that it’s not a moral failing to be wrong sometimes. You can grant yourself space for messiness. The world changes faster than we can learn how to live in it. You can pause, and you can learn, and you can keep moving forward from here.

Scorpio: This week, give yourself time to remember who you are, and the person you’re trying to be. Give yourself a moment just to remember the best thing you’ve ever done, and the best things you’re still working toward. In the middle of the world’s cruelties, in the middle of a long dull day, it gets so easy to forget. Who are the people who will call you back to yourself?

Sagittarius: Sometimes it’s thrilling, the way your thoughts spin and rush through the world. Sometimes it’s thrilling to feel such hunger for every kind of story and every kind of life, but this week, if you want to, let yourself slow down. Your imagination is already so bright and wild, and the world is so big. Your body doesn’t need to stay in constant motion. Your desires don’t have to match the speed of sound.

Capricorn: If you know what kind of world you want to live in, how far are you willing to travel to find it? Some days you’re moved by the desire that runs through your veins, and some days by the feeling of pure bright joy, like sunlight on your skin. This week, you might be moved by something else. If you pay attention to this tender feeling of care for the world you live in, what could you be moved to do?

Aquarius: This week, you can resist the idea that the only way to live is to know yourself first. You don’t have to think of your life like a story that’s already happened, or of yourself as a person who must be knowable. You’re allowed to live without having any of the answers at all. It’s good and it’s beautiful to know who you are, but it’s not an assignment you need to do before being alive.

Pisces: Sometimes, it’s so hard to look at your own moods and your own desires clearly, without thinking that you need to become a critic. It’s so hard to look at your own moods honestly, without the nagging thoughts that you need to fix something. This week, it’s okay to let yourself feel what you’re going to feel, without imagining you need to be changed. You have your own landscape — mountains and forests and plains full of life. You have your own oceans — uncharted and blue and wild.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of September 4