Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Want to Talk About Donald Trump on Her New Show

Megyn Kelly. Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images For EW

In addition to her Sunday-night news-magazine show, which debuted on NBC this summer, Megyn Kelly is about to launch a 9 a.m. talk show that will air as part of the Today programming this fall. In terms of the show’s content, Kelly says she doesn’t want it to have anything to do with President Donald Trump.

Kelly explained to the Associated Press that the 9 a.m. Megyn Kelly Today show will be “very similar” to the regular Today show, but with “a lot more elbow room.” The former Fox News host added that the show will involve a live studio audience, fun, and information — but no news about Trump (who once famously accused her of having “blood coming out of her wherever” during a debate), if she can help it. Per the AP:

“I don’t want to talk about Trump all day,” she said. “In fact, the bar is very high for Trump coverage (on Megyn Kelly Live). If you want Trump, you can watch virtually every channel in the country and get Trump non-stop. I think people are looking for a break from that. Not just Trump, it’s inside the Beltway. I don’t want to talk about Mitch McConnell either, or Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi.”

Instead, the show will touch on mental health, coping with divorce, job-interview tips, and bullying; recent trial runs have covered the Equifax breach and self-defense. This falls in line with what Kelly recently told Vogue about the new show. “My vision is that at the end of the hour, people will think, ‘Wow. I feel great,’” she said. “That was good for me. That was good for my soul.”

Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Want to Talk About Trump on Her New Show