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So, Mike Pence’s Pet Rabbit Has a Book Deal Now

Mike Pence’s rabbit will star in a children’s book. Photo: marlonbundo/Instagram

A few weeks ago, Mike Pence’s pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo, posted on his Instagram account that he was “patiently waiting until I can tell you all some really exciting news! It’s so hard!” followed by the zippered-lips emoji. If, like me, you’ve been refreshing Marlon’s page every day since then, you were finally rewarded today with said news: the rabbit has a book deal.

Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President is due out March 19. It was written by Pence’s daughter, Charlotte Pence (who also runs Marlon’s Instagram account) and illustrated by second lady Karen Pence. As the title suggests, it’ll feature Marlon following “Grampa” Mike Pence around for a day as he does vice-presidential things.

Pence’s rabbit first came to our attention during an event for military families at the White House, where the Vice President accidentally socked a kid in the face. A press release for the book reportedly calls him “a national celebrity!” which may be a stretch.

Regardless, congrats Marlon — we hope your advance was 10,000 carrots.

So, Mike Pence’s Pet Rabbit Has a Book Deal Now