Models Share Their Thoughts, Prayers, and Sexy Photos for Hurricane Irma Victims

There is a widespread social-media trend in which a conventionally attractive person will post a photo of themselves, often revealing, with a completely unrelated caption. Take when Kendall Jenner posted an Instagram of her torso, wearing black lace underwear and flashing underboob, and simply wrote “jet lag.” And who can forget when Jared Leto tweeted out a picture of himself sitting in a chair, presumably deep in thought, accompanied by the Frederick Douglass quote, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

The next level of this phenomenon involves tweeting out a sexy photo of yourself, accompanied by a reaction to a current news story, and it is pretty much always a terrible idea. For instance, last summer, Mischa Barton posted an Instagram tribute to Alton Sterling after he was killed by police officers; she decided to pair it with a photo of herself in a bikini, on a boat.

And, as the New York Post first pointed out, this is now happening for Hurricane Irma. The storm has devastated much of the Caribbean and is now headed towards Florida. As a result, some Instagram models are sharing their thoughts, prayers, and pics:

One or the other folks, one or the other.

Models Share Sexy Photos for Hurricane Irma Victims