Please Keep This Photographer Who Lost His Friend’s Wedding Pictures in Your Thoughts and Prayers

Kurt Sneddon’s lost camera poster.

Please keep New York City photographer Kurt Sneddon in your thoughts and prayers. After photographing his friend’s wedding last weekend, he left the bag containing the memory cards of the wedding photos on the subway — and he’s scrambling to find it.

As Gothamist reports, the photographer wrote in a Facebook statement that he allowed himself to become “distracted and overwhelmed” when returning from his friend’s Mamaroneck, New York, wedding on Monday morning — to the point that he left his backpack on a downtown B train. He writes:

The last 48 hrs have been the worst of my life. I was entrusted to photograph a wedding and I’ve fucked up beyond measure. The short version of the story is that I allowed myself to be distracted and overwhelmed to the point of leaving a backpack containing the only copy of the wedding photos on a NYC subway train. This post however is not intended to gain sympathy or indeed anything other than helping us recover this grey THULE backpack, left on a downtown B train around 11am on Sept 18. Thank you.

Sneddon, who is a professional photographer, told CBS2 that he lost the bag after an unexpected service change in the subway forced him to get off at 34th Street. “I was just trying to carry too much. I was carrying two light stands, a tripod, a lighting bag and a backpack — all on the subway to go downtown to download the photos at my studio,” he said. “I quickly grabbed all of my things in an instant and try to carry everything out the door.”

But he ended up leaving behind a bag with the memory cards of all the wedding pictures from his friend’s big day. “They’re devastated and they’re my friends, and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever done,” the photographer said.

Sneddon has hung up fliers across the city offering a $2,000 reward for the missing bag, urging people to share images of the poster on social media to get the word out. “[My friend is] more hopeful than I am,” Sneddon told CBS2. “She keeps saying, ‘We’re going to find them,’ and I’m running around the city just trying to find them. It’s hard, but I am hopeful.”

Help this guy out if you have any information.

Pray For Photographer Who Lost His Friend’s Wedding Photos