Accused NSA Leaker Said She Smuggled Documents Out in Her Tights

Reality Winner in June. Photo: Sean Rayford/Getty Images

In early June, the Intercept published information from a National Security Agency intelligence report that indicated Russian government hackers conducted cyberattacks against U.S. voting systems days before the 2016 election. Shortly thereafter, the alleged leaker of the report was identified: a 25-year-old NSA contractor and linguist named Reality Leigh Winner.

Winner pleaded not guilty and her case is expected to go to trial in March 2018; if convicted she faces a minimum of nine years in prison. In the meantime, federal prosecutors filed a transcript on Wednesday of an FBI interrogation and search of Winner’s home from June.

In it, Winner and the FBI agents discuss her pets, her overweight cat, rescue dogs, and CrossFit. During the actual interrogation, she first denied that she removed classified documents from her work, then she admitted that she had.

As for the method of transportation, Winner said she “folded it in half in my pantyhose.”

“I wasn’t trying to be a Snowden or anything,” she added.

Read the full transcript here.

Accused NSA Leaker Said She Smuggled Documents in Her Tights