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Paris Hilton Says She Was the Best DJ Burning Man Has Ever Seen

Paris Hilton. Photo: parishilton/Instagram

As we saw on social media last week, Paris Hilton was clearly living her best life (and probably your worst) at the Burning Man festival this year. She confirmed this at the Jeremy Scott fashion show on Friday night in New York City, which showed neon rave looks not dissimilar to the ones found in the desert.

“It was incredible; it’s one of my favorite experiences in the world,” she told the Cut of Burning Man. “It’s magic. It’s sick.”

This was not her first time attending the festival, but it was her debut DJing experience. Hilton was fresh off her “Foam and Diamonds” summer residency in Ibiza, though, and ready to burnnnnnnnnn.

“It was supposed to be a one-hour set and it turned into four hours because it was so sick,” Hilton said of DJing at Burning Man. “They said that out of every DJ who played on the stage, nobody rocked it like I did.”

So, how can we get our hands on Paris Hilton’s Burning Man set list? Asking for a friend.

Paris Hilton Was the Best DJ Burning Man Has Ever Seen