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This Fancy Perfume Is Activated by Chub Rub

The friction between your thighs has a scent — and it’s not Gold Bond. At his most recent spring 2018 show, designer Roland Mouret had models spray his new scent, Une Amourette (French for affair), in Halle Berry’s favorite spot for perfume — in between the thighs.

Vogue UK reports that the designer explained backstage that his new neroli and vanilla perfume is designed to be worn “on the pulse point between the thighs” and is “activated” to create an “intoxicating burst of fragrance.” This is great news for people whose thighs touch. Think of all the pleasant scents your thighs could release as they swish-swish about their day. People with thigh gaps, you’re out of luck on this one.

The Fancy Perfume Is Activated by Chub Rub