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Taylor Swift Roasts BFF Abigail Anderson in Leaked Bridesmaid Speech

Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson. Photo: Abigail Lauren/Instagram

After a big week of releasing new music, Taylor Swift stepped into the public eye this weekend to serve as a bridesmaid in the wedding of her close friend Abigail Anderson, on Martha’s Vineyard.

Swift hasn’t posted publicly about the event, and outside of the indefatigable paparazzi, and news of angry fans who booed her when she avoided them after the ceremony,  few details about the actual wedding have leaked.

But, now, an Instagram clip of Swift’s bridesmaid speech gives a sense of how she approaches these sorts of tasks. And it would seem, if you ask her to do your wedding, she won’t be afraid to recount that really regretful night, with just enough graphic detail to make your grandparents squirm.

Walking with a microphone in the center of the reception, Swift can be heard sharing a raunchy personal story about Anderson and her husband, photographer Matt Lucier, with the crowd.

“She’s running after him, there’s falling, there’s stumbling,” Swift says in the clip, while Anderson laughs in the background.

Swift tells the crowd she hears the two “make it to the bathroom” and then, “I hear sounds that I can never unhear,” and then there’s “silence.”

Watch the clip below.

Taylor Swift Roasts BFF Abigail Anderson in Wedding Speech