Tiger-Fur Robes, Swords, and All the Other Gifts Trump Received in Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump and King Salman. Photo: Getty Images

Remember Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia earlier this year? Toby Keith played an all-male concert with an Arabian lutist, Ivanka hosted a women’s round table, and some unfortunate glowing-orb-touching went down, all while everyone ignored the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen and limitation of women’s rights. Along the way, Trump also received at least 83 separate gifts, which we now know about thanks to the Daily Beast.

The full list, which you can read here, includes multiple robes (the president has been known to enjoy a robe or two) and blankets, several pairs of sandals, and a few swords.

Here’s a sampling of what he got:

• Four pairs of leather sandals

• Pair of brown and yellow leather sandals

• Pair of red and green leather sandals

• Box of various leather sandals

• Brown wool robe

• Orange and gold wool robe lined with cheetah fur

• Blue and silver wool robe lined with white tiger fur

• Purple wool robe with white tiger fur lining

• Black robe made of sheep’s wool

• Black rabbit fur and wool robe with red pattern

• Four cotton button-up robes (three white and one blue)

• Three cotton robes, two with embroidered floral pattern and one white

• Dagger made of pure silver with mother of pearl sheath and various designs

• One large sword, a dagger, a leather ammo holder and holster

• Large box containing dagger, sword, ammo holder, and holster

• Sword

• Large canvas artwork depicting Saudi woman

All in all, sounds exactly like what you should buy for a man whose house looks like this.

Tiger-Fur Robes and Other Gifts Trump Got in Saudi Arabia