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Disturbing Video Shows Rapper Lil Pump Bragging About Beating a Girl

Lil Pump. Photo: Instagram/@lilpump

Video has emerged of up-and-coming rapper Lil Pump bragging about beating a girl at school. In a July 2016 interview with TheNuMiami, a “full service entertainment hub,” the Florida teen boasted:

It’s eighth grade, nah, like seventh-grade year, I’m chillin’ bruh, listening to Chief Keef and shit, it was like when Chief Keef first came out, ‘Don’t Like’ and when all that was poppin’, bruh. I was bumpin’, I was just in the mood to like, split someone. I was like, ‘Don’t like’ [hums melody.] And then this bitch come in front of me and she’s like trippin’. I’m like, ‘What’s up with you bro? You better tighten that shit up.’ And then that bitch gets in my face. [Smokepurrp interjects: ‘Nah, didn’t she throw gum in your hair?’] Yeah she got gum and threw it at me, and I was like, ‘What the fuck?’ [Pounds hand]. I got up and beamed the fuck out of that hoe, bruh. [Slaps hands] Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. I fuckin’ hit that bitch like an eight-piece, bro. [Smokepurrp interjects: ‘He gave her, like, a 10-piece chicken nugget meal.’] Bro, the teacher was there, looking at me, he was even stoppin’ and he’s like, ‘Damn, this nigga really whoopin’ this hoe.’ That nigga wasn’t stoppin’ shit, bro. He was like, ‘My dog beating her ass.’ I think he was proud, bruh. I don’t usually be beatin’ females, bruh, I ain’t on that, but if a hoe tries me… but if a bitch tries me I’ma have to slap the fuck out your hoe ass.

The host laughed throughout Pump’s story.

Pump, who currently has over 500,000 followers on SoundCloud, and 2.7 million on Instagram, was 16 at the time of the interview, and the events described likely took place when he was about 12 or 13.

Watch the whole repulsive interaction below.

Video Shows Rapper Lil Pump Bragging About Beating a Girl