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Fun Ways to Talk About Dressing for Work

Fashion label MM.LaFleur is a favorite for stylish, reasonably-priced women’s workwear. If you’ve seen the brand’s cheeky subway ads lately, it seems like CEO and founder Sarah LaFleur gets it: the inside jokes between you and your work wife, that guy at the water cooler, a separate pair of shoes for your commute. For the new campaign MM.LaFleur released a “Portmanteaux for the Purposeful Woman” in video form.

The clip presents a “Lexicon of One’s Own” (for a little Virginia Woolf humor), introducing work-related words like “paycation (n.),” working remotely … from the beach; “shange (v.),” to change out of your commuting shoes; and “caffiend (n.),” that co-worker who’s buzzed on caffeine until 6 p.m. Watch the clip above to pick out words you’d use to describe your own office.

Here’s a Fun Way to Talk About Dressing for Work