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Alexander Skarsgård Is Too Beautiful for This Look

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

There must be something in the gene pool of the well-cheekboned Skarsgård family that predisposes them to try to hide it. Bill Skarsgård, for instance, recently played It (though an It who could get it). Alexander Skarsgård, who already did his best to completely unnerve viewers of Big Little Lies, has now decided to shave a large portion of his head. Why? For a role, maybe — Skarsgård is shooting Wall Street drama The Hummingbird Project right now — but mostly he did it out of spite. Spite at you. Spite at the universe for making him beautiful. Spite at his thick head of hair, which did not deserve this.

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Here is another photo of the brother Skarsgård from another angle. Unlike most balding men, his hair does not taper into thinness, which makes the effect all the more unnerving. He looks vaguely like a monk, the kind of monk that would sell chèvre and make good cider on the side.

To be clear, he can still get it.

Alexander Skarsgård Is Too Beautiful for This Look