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Yes, Kitten Heels Are Cool Again

Annina Mislin wears Prada kitten heels during New York Fashion Week. Photo: Nabile Quenum. Photo Editor: Biel Parklee.

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Kitten heels have a reputation for being fussy and old-fashioned. They used to be the shoes you begrudgingly wore to a job interview at a conservative office or dinner with a traditional older relative. But in the past year, the tiny-heel silhouette has suddenly started to feel stylish again.

Paired with midi skirts, kitten heels make for a professional, pulled-together outfit that you can wear from morning to night. They look even better with roughed-up jeans — styling is all about contrasts, after all. Scroll ahead to see our favorites, whether you want to spend $60 for a Manolo look-alike or $600 on the real thing.

The Manolo-BB Dupe

Photo: afront

The heel isn’t quite as refined and the cut at the toe covers more skin, but otherwise, this is a great, inexpensive version of Manolo Blahnik’s BB pump.

The Shoe That’s Sweet But Not Stuffy

If You’re Curious About Leopard

Take a page from this street-style star’s playbook and try a low-key accessory like these heels.

If You Don’t Like Flashy Shoes

Anna Wintour and Kate Middleton both love wearing unassuming beige kitten heels.
Original Price: $198

If You Love Flashy Shoes

Pink metallic slingbacks are one way to get noticed.

A Stylish Pair That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

When you don’t want fast fashion but you can’t stomach the $600 for Manolos, these Diane von Furstenberg slingbacks are a good midpoint.

Because You Love Rachel Comey

Her version falls in line with her ugly-cool aesthetic.

The Expensive Favorite

This shoe has sold out consistently for six years in a row, which means there’s a legion of Manolo Blahnik fans who can attest to its power.

The Street-Style Pair

In the photo at the top of this story, Annina Mislin’s minimal yellow sweater-and-skirt combo get a little extra nudge from these Prada heels.

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Yes, Kitten Heels Are Cool Again