What to Buy From the Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Auction

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Almost a year after the passing of Carrie Fisher, who died just one day before her mother, Debbie Reynolds, in December of 2016, the personal effects of both Hollywood superstars are being sold at public auction by Profiles in History — and for a pretty good price.

“My mother and sister were magnificent collectors,” Todd Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s brother and Debbie Reynolds’s son, told Profiles in History. “The size and scope of their collection rivals most museums. So in keeping with my mother’s wishes we have decided to share part of their magnificent collection with all their friends and fans.”

In addition to Carrie Fisher’s priceless Star Wars memorabilia and Debbie Reynolds’s costumes from Singin’ in the Rain and Annie Get Your Gun, the two were also collectors of other Hollywood actors’ memorabilia, including Elizabeth Taylor’s dresses and Francis Ford Coppola’s cameras from The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, all of which are for sale as well.

More titillating, though, than the size and value of Fisher’s and Reynolds’s collections is their shared sense of humor. For example, bids for Debbie Reynolds’s “Life is Fcuked up” T-shirt start at $100–$200. For a little more, you can have Carrie Fisher’s red garden gnome extending middle finger. And for a little less, Fisher had a kitchen mug that read, “UNT,” with a handle that spelled the letter C.

The Profiles in History auction will take place October 7, 8, and 9. Portions of the proceeds will be going to both Debbie Reynolds’s charity, the Thalians, as well as the Jed Foundation, a charity chosen by Billie Lourd.
You can view the full catalogue here. Plus, some of our favorites from the auction, below.

What to Buy at the Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Auction