Colin Farrell Proud He Didn’t Look at Interviewer’s Boobs

Colin Farrell. Photo: Lars Niki/Getty Images for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

In a new interview with the New York Times, reformed hooligan Colin Farrell talked about his newfound indie career and how he rebounded from his heavy-drinking, hard-partying youth. In fact, Farrell is such a changed man that — get this! — he didn’t even ogle the reporter’s breasts when given the opportunity.

As interviewer Cara Buckley writes:

I asked about the time he kissed a reporter on camera on the red carpet, and his eyes widened. “Did I? Who? Which one?” he asked. “I swear to God, I lost so much time.” A little while later, a button on my blouse popped, and as I quickly refastened it, he steadfastly held my gaze, and then pointed to his eyes. “I kept right here, the whole time,” he teased. “Back in the day I would’ve leaned in for a kiss, obviously.”

Buckley makes sure to qualify that the exchange was “light and playful,” and took place before the Weinstein news, which Farrell later decried as “atrocious.” Congratulations to Colin Farrell, and many other Hollywood men, for continuing to meet such a low, low bar.

Colin Farrell Proud He Didn’t Ogle Interviewer’s Boobs