Dig Inn’s New Branding Sure Looks Familiar

If you thought millennial pink couldn’t get any more pervasive, think again.

Dig Inn, the healthy-yet-filling food chain once known for its cafeteria tray containers, revealed a new logo this fall that looks almost identical to the Mansur Gavriel one. Some fashion and grain-bowl aficionados have since pointed out that not only does the new Dig Inn logo feature the same color scheme as Mansur Gavriel’s, but the fonts are also indistinguishable. Plus, both brand names are outlined by a white box, which, wait a minute, looks a lot like the Supreme box tee.

Dig Inn first posted about its new logo about a week ago with an Instagram that reads: “When your beets match your bag.” The hashtag, “We dig pink,” was also included, in case you didn’t get the message. Tagged photos of the new logo date back to August.

This is not the first time millennial pink has literally been spoon-fed to us. New restaurants like Pietro Nolita and the Sosta in Manhattan feature all-pink décors and branding, plus Dimes has a pink table or two. The napkins at Pietro’s even read, “Pink as fuck.”

At the end of the day, we’re not sure if this new, millennial-pink branding will get more people to eat more roasted vegetables. It does, however, make us want a Mansur Gavriel lunch box.

Dig Inn’s New Branding Sure Looks Familiar