Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why She Has Not Named Her Abusers

Evan Rachel Wood. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As more and more women come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault, others have been emboldened to share the names of other men who have victimized them. In response, Evan Rachel Wood released a video statement explaining why she, and countless other women, have made the choice to stay silent about the names of the men who abused them.

“People are wondering why more women didn’t come forward sooner, and why in a lot of these cases one woman will come out or multiple women will come out and then the floodgates will open,” she said in the 15-minute long video. “They do not feel safe enough to do so, period. And I am guilty of this as well because I have not named my abusers.”

Last year, Wood revealed that she has been sexually assaulted twice, by a significant other and by the owner of a bar. Still, she says that it took her seven years to admit to herself that she had been raped and to summon the strength to ask for help for the trauma she endured. She has not revealed her accusers’ identities, “not because I don’t plan on saying these peoples’ names eventually, but because to start that process is an emotionally draining, financially draining, really everything draining thing to do and to go through and I want to do with when I’m ready.”

She continued:

“They were very powerful, very rich, very entitled, very narcissistic white men. And I haven’t named my abusers for a number of reasons. One. I’m one person against some very powerful people. Two. Money and time and re-traumatizing yourself. To go after the person that assaulted you takes quite a toll. It is a terrifying thing to have to go through, mainly because you are at risk of not being believed, your career being hurt, being drained of your finances — because it costs a lot of money to file a lawsuit and go to court with somebody. Especially if all you have is your word against theirs and especially if these are very powerful people.”

While Wood encouraged victims of assault to name their attackers, she also sums up just how tough that process can be. “The fact that women are not able to name their abusers is not their fault.”

Watch the video below:

Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why She Has Not Named Her Abusers