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You Can Now Buy Gigi Hadid’s Sold-Out Maybelline Palette

Gigi Hadid for Maybelline

Gigi Hadid’s newest palette from her Maybelline makeup collection sold out in 90 minutes in the U.K — maybe it’s Gigi, or maybe it’s because the Jetsetter palette promises to make you look selfie-ready after a whole day of traveling. According to The Sun, even though Jetsetter launched just over the weekend, it’s already marked up on eBay (the most recent listing has it for close to $60, at a 50% resale value.)

The palette contains a nice mix of peachy corals, nudes, and is part of a limited-edition 30-piece collection including lipsticks and highlighters, which Hadid has categorized into West Coast Glow or East Coast Glam. People.com reports that Hadid named many of the shades after her astrology sign, best friends and frequent collaborators, including a mauve lipstick named Erin for Maybelline Global Makeup Artist, Erin Parsons. As for the millennial-pink packaging, Hadid explains it was completely coincidental saying, “It’s funny because it turned out that it was kind of a trendy color this year!” (How funny!)

Whether you want to re-sell it for a nice profit or flaunt one in the face of your out-of-luck British friends, you can find Jetsetter and the rest of the collection now at Ulta.

You Can Now Buy Gigi Hadid’s Sold-Out Maybelline Palette