Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir Davis Had the Iciest Wedding, Ever

“What’s the budget for the wedding?” Gucci Mane’s bride-to-be, Keyshia Ka’oir Davis, asked her fiancé over the phone one day.

“No budget,” replied Gucci with a laugh. “Don’t never say the word ‘budget’ no mo’.”

Have more romantic words ever been spoken? Probably not. And Davis took them to heart, going on to plan the glitziest, most bling-ed-out wedding there ever was. On Tuesday, the couple was married at the Four Seasons in Miami with a ceremony that cost an estimated $1.7 million dollars.

Gucci, a chart-topping rapper, and Davis, a beauty and fitness entrepreneur, have been dreaming up this wedding ever since they met seven years ago. And with singles like “Icy,” it was only fitting that Gucci’s wife plan an event to match.

“I want a royal wedding; all-white with diamonds and crystals,” Davis tells her planner, Kathy Romero in “The Mane Event,” a 10-part BET series that concluded last night with a livestream of the ceremony. And that’s what Davis got. Not only was her dress bedazzled, but she also wore crystals in her hair, and opted to carry what looked like a diamond bouquet instead of flowers. (She didn’t throw it.) Gucci wore a white tux and shimmering loafers.

Knowing the Wopsters, all this ice was real. But of course, the realest rocks can now be found on both their ring fingers. Congrats to the shining couple.

Gucci Mane’s Wife Had a Bouquet Made of Diamonds