Hackers Threaten to Publish Plastic-Surgery Photos of Royals

Photo: LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images

A group of hackers known as the Dark Overlord is threatening to publish extremely graphic photos it stole from a popular plastic surgeon in London, the Daily Beast reports. London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS), which caters to a number of high-profile clients, confirmed it had been the victim of a cyberattack, and that the Metropolitan Police have launched an investigation into the breach.

“We have TBs [terabytes] of this shit. Databases, names, everything,” a representative from the Dark Overlord told the Daily Beast, adding, “There are some royal families in here.”

The Dark Overlord contacted the Daily Beast’s Joseph Cox using an LBPS email, and proceeded to send the reporter “a cache of photos of LBPS operations. Many are highly graphic and close-up, showing surgery on male and female genitalia. Others show apparent patients’ bodies post-operation, and some include faces.”

The group is also threatening to distribute the images, writing in an email last week: “We’re going to pitch it all up for everyone to nab. The entire patient list with corresponding photos. The world has never seen a medical dump of a plastic surgeon to such degree.”

This is not the Dark Overlord’s first attack. Since 2016, the group has hacked a number of businesses, medical centers, and even schools. According to the Daily Beast, after they hack an organization, they usually demand a ransom payment in exchange for not publishing whatever sensitive information they obtained. So far, it is unclear whether they have demanded payment from LBPS.

In a statement, LBPS wrote: “We are horrified that they have now targeted our patients. […] We are profoundly sorry for any distress this data breach may cause our patients and our team are available around the clock to speak to anyone who has any concerns by calling 0203 858 0664.”

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Hackers Threaten to Publish Plastic-Surgery Photos of Royals