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This Is Exactly How You’re Going to Want to Dress for the Holidays

Janelle Monáe. Photo: D

It’s officially the season of holiday campaigns, which means there are suddenly a ton of ideas out there about what to get your friends and family come Christmas. But Gap’s new “Meet Me in the Gap” campaign, featuring style-maven Janelle Monáe, is full of things we want to buy just for ourselves.

Shot by director Paul Hunter, the campaign features Monáe in classic denim and a top hat as well as a festive plaid skirt and faux fur. Monáe says of the brand, “The Gap has been a part of my life since I was a little girl so it was very exciting to be involved in this campaign. It really reflects the idea that although we may be from different parts of the world, when we come together, we can create something magical.” The campaign officially launches November 6 with Monáe’s favorite pieces trickling into stores throughout the holiday season.

Janelle Monáe. Photo: D
This Is How You’re Going to Want to Dress for the Holidays