Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 16

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On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Scorpio. If this brings a new resonance in your voice, what questions will you ask? Then, on Thursday, a new moon in Libra. When you look at the future that stretches out from here, what kind of peace are you able to see?

Aries: Even now, your feet are sure and steady as you move through the side streets and alleys of your city, the landscapes of your life. Still, this week, try to allow for the possibility that you’ll sometimes be wrong. Your job is to speak the truth as you know it, not to be right all the time. Allow for the possibility that the world can still surprise you.

Taurus: You know the colors of your moods and the cycles of your dreams and the rhythm of your own steady heartbeat. And still, all this wisdom doesn’t mean it’s easy to ask for what you need. It’s still so hard to speak your most fragile desires out loud into the coolness of the air. Ask yourself this week: Where are the spaces that let you need what you need, without defense or apology?

Gemini: Sometimes it’s too much to deal with all the motion and noise in your head; too much to follow every train of thought to its end. When you feel trapped inside yourself, you don’t have to shatter your whole life to find an escape. This week, it might be enough just to clean the kitchen. It might be enough to organize the bookshelves, to straighten the pictures on the wall.

Cancer: Sometimes when the world bends and turns, you can become the one point of stillness and stability. You plant your feet and watch the world flow around you, and this is a good way to live, but it’s not the only way. Remind yourself, in case you’ve forgotten, that a moving world makes room for you to move too.

Leo: Every day you wake up, and the world asks you to make choices, and all these choices can start to wear at you. They can start to feel like a puzzle, like a maze, every decision charged with difficult meaning. This week, you can take a breath and grant yourself the space to make a mistake. You can give yourself permission to disrupt your own perfect balance.

Virgo: Sometimes the world will ask you to be afraid of your own feelings, or it will try to trick you into believing your feelings are too powerful, too heavy, too bright to fit inside one human body — as though having an emotion at all is something unbearably selfish, unforgivably loud. Try to remember that it’s okay to feel, and it’s okay to speak your feelings out loud, too. You don’t have to dull the gold of your thoughts or the sharp clarity of your words.

Libra: All these doors keep opening in front of you, one after the other, leading you through rooms and hallways, then out into the forest, then back inside to the warm kitchen again. All these days stretch on and on, and it can be hard to remember the point of them all. Life feels so long, sometimes. But remember: There’s no final goal to reach, no ultimate state that will mean you’ve finally made it.

Scorpio: You can watch the world prepare for shorter days, and you can watch the trees and the people prepare for winter, and you can forgive yourself for not being good in all the ways it’s possible for a person to be good. Perfection has always served only to get in the way of life. There’s already something great in you, and when the light catches it just right, it looks like the same kind of magic you’ve always needed.

Sagittarius: Maybe the earth is spinning back to a place that makes sense to you, and maybe it’s the golden autumn light, but something might settle into place inside yourself this week. You might rediscover a courage you thought you’d lost. You might remember what it feels like not to be scared of yourself, or your own wisdom, or your desires, strong and bright enough to power a whole city.

Capricorn: When you’re alone this week, pay attention to the rhythms of your own body. There’s noise in the world, and there’s noise in your head, but beneath all that, there’s a calm, quiet place inside you. You don’t have to explain this to anyone who wants to know you. When the moon comes out at night, you can look up at it and remember what it means just to be a person, strange and free.

Aquarius: This week, you can communicate your curiosity and desire with blazing heat, and you can speak your doubts with certainty. You can use all your best powers this week — just don’t underestimate their force. Don’t forget who you care about, and who you have the power to injure, and who’s on the other end of your bright gaze. You can ask all your questions and you don’t have to hold back, but you do have to listen, carefully, to the answers.

Pisces: It takes so much energy to forge a self, to create a life, to tell a story that will make room for you to keep living in this world. It’s exhausting, all the work it takes just to be a person, forming and molding and making. It’s exhausting, all the telling and retelling you have to do, speaking yourself into existence over and over again. Other people can make it look easy sometimes, but it’s not. You’re powerful and brave already, and it isn’t defeat to admit when you’re tired, too.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 16