Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 2

Artwork: The Push Pose

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Thursday brings a full moon in the fire sign of Aries, and you might be surprised by the gifts this brings. Maybe they can can wake you up, rouse you from some heavy, dull fatigue. Maybe these gifts, plus this week’s bright moonlight, can activate your wildest instincts and your best energy.

Aries: How will you make your days on earth feel bearable? The world is violent and strange, but it’s still possible to build a space where you can live in a way that feels right. You don’t have to build a fortress, or find another planet. It’s enough, for now, to make space to grieve and space to love, space where you can put yourself together again before heading back out into the world.

Taurus: As you move through the world with your eyes open, you might find treasures on the ground, accidental connections in the street. The world is held together by history and by power and by feeling, too, and there’s so much here that might surprise you. You’re solid and independent and wise, but even you can’t know everything already. Even you can be changed and surprised by the world.

Gemini: It isn’t always the most enjoyable thing to pay attention to what your body needs. Bodies can be demanding, difficult, with needs that surprise you and slow you down. If your body speaks to you out of hunger this week, try your best to pay attention. If your skin needs to be touched or your hand needs to be held, listen. Your mind is wild and boundless, but this is a week for eating, for resting, for doing what you need to grow stronger again.

Cancer: This week, your thoughts will bend and flow, carrying you to strange lands and guiding you home again. Your memories will swell and condense and fill your days with wonder. But try not to worry how you appear to the outside world, or how your quiet face will look to a stranger across the room. You already hold your own inner balance, your own equilibrium, and it’s all you need right now.

Leo: Maybe your days lately have sparked with drama or blazed with desire. Maybe they’ve just been so busy you’ve had no choice but to remain in motion, pushing forward toward some bright goal. This week, something might shift. Watch the trees’ long shadows in the afternoon, and listen to the birds overhead. Your days might not slow down, but soon they might not feel so difficult.

Virgo: This week, you might feel pulled by a need for something new, a desire for something fresh, a taste for cool clear air in the early morning. Don’t imagine you need to tear your whole life down and build it again. There are other ways to bring a new energy into your days. You can start just by opening your windows.

Libra: Sometimes, you’re an observer of the world around you, the streets and forests crowded with movement and light. You can notice changes, and you can keep your balance while you watch the earth move. This week, as you watch the movement all around you, remember that you, too, have the magic it takes to build power. You, too, have the ability to make a choice and move forward.

Scorpio: It can be lonely to see the future but still be stuck in your body, in this moment in time. Still, you can find hope in the sunlight that hits the tops of the trees. You can find hope in the music floating and bumping from the windows on your street. You aren’t the only one moving, the only one working toward something better.

Sagittarius: The energy in your heart might start to feel frantic, this week, buzzing and intense. And it’s easy, with an energy like this, to imagine it’s your duty to use it all, to light the whole night sky. But you don’t have to be the stars or the sun or a lighthouse, brave and alone at the edge of the sea. You just have to live with your feet on the ground, and keep your own tender fire alive.

Capricorn: This week, try shaking yourself out of your own routine a little bit. Try disturbing your own daily patterns, the cycles of living you keep repeating like a song. It’s so easy to become used to the patterns your feet make on the ground, to the sounds you hear every day. Thoughts can get stuck on loop, orderly and predictable. Instead, walk along different streets, read a different story, talk to someone you don’t already know.

Aquarius: Even when days feel cramped, and even when the world looks like a door that keeps closing, remind yourself that space is expanding. Even when your internal tensions and contradictions feel unbearable, even when you feel trapped by the edges of your body, your feelings can keep spreading out. They can keep glowing and moving, and there’s enough room here for you to let them.

Pisces: Your ear is so attuned to other people’s sorrow, to their quiet ambitions, to their careful desires. Remember, there are so many different ways to love and try and make mistakes. It’s not always easy, but you can let all this love wash over you without drowning you, without carrying you out to sea. You can still hold the wide, aching world in your heart without losing your own sharp edges.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 2