Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 30

Photo-Illustration: The Push Pose

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The moon waxes all week, building to a full moon in Taurus on Saturday. This is a moon for feeling the earth beneath you, and all the ways it allows you to be still, and all the ways it allows you to move. What is it that’s been growing, these weeks, inside you? What is this feeling that’s finally ready to take shape?

Aries: Sometimes when the leaves turn colors or the wind carries some strange new feeling from the north, it’s easy to doubt the way you live. It’s easy to imagine your whole self is wrong for this season, too loud or too much or too free. It isn’t true, of course, and this is a week for not letting up, for not holding back. This is a week for holding fast to your own vision.

Taurus: Even your kindness can feel like a trap, sometimes — as if the more your body fills with feeling, and the more you give away, the more there is for the world to take from you. It can feel better, sometimes, to renounce your generosity altogether, but try not to do that this week. You don’t have to share everything you have, just whatever time or affection or forgiveness you can.

Gemini: Whenever you think you’ve finally understood the entire world, there’s always something that evades capture, something that slips through your fingers. That doesn’t mean you’ve failed, or been proven wrong. Remind yourself this week that your job isn’t to be impervious to surprise. Even now, sometimes, there’s softness in the places you expected cruelty, and light in the places you expected to find nothing at all.

Cancer: It’s not always easy to know where to push back, when there are so many forces working to take away your ownership of your own story. This week, it can help to remind yourself that your body is your own. You can cut your hair short, you can grow your hair long, you can get a tattoo. You can square your shoulders and claim your space. There’s more to do than just this, but this quiet, physical stubbornness is one place to start.

Leo: You can bear your anger so well, you can hold it so closely, that it doesn’t get noticed at all. Other people look at you, sometimes, and they can understand your sorrow or your love, but your anger sings at a pitch too deep to hear. Just remember this week that if you’re misunderstood, if you aren’t heard clearly, it’s okay to say just what you mean. It’s okay to keep pushing to make yourself heard.

Virgo: If you feel too down, this week, or if you feel tangled up inside your head, try to pause, try to breathe, try to tell another story. The world hasn’t always been this way, and things won’t always be the way they are now. The world you can touch today is real, but stories are real, too. They can help you believe in the future again.

Libra: When the world seems so cruel and so cramped, it can feel selfish to have your own desires, and more selfish still to honor them. This week, let yourself have your own feelings. Let your blood move through your body. Let the world stun you with all the colors it still holds, and all the possibilities for justice and love. There’s still space in the world for desire that’s generous and brave and wild.

Scorpio: Being a human in this place might keep getting scarier and wilder, and you might feel the conditions of life changing all around you. It’s hard to see where this path is leading, or what the terrain looks like ahead, but you don’t have to be afraid. You know how to travel without a map. In times of uncertainty and times of flux, remember that these are the times your powers were made for.

Sagittarius: As the days grow shorter and the nights grow weird, you might feel fear or sorrow, but you might also feel some kind of wonder, too. Try to remember the way the world felt when you were small, when the whole world was a mystery, expansive and bright. The possibilities might have come to feel smaller and fewer and sadder since then, but this week you might find some old magic. It isn’t a return to innocence, but a return to a hopeful and welcoming wilderness.

Capricorn: Unexpected feelings might overwhelm you this week, crashing inside you like the tides. Emotion might surprise you, or make life inconvenient. There’s so much worth wanting in this world, that  the small ordinariness of a daily life can feel unbearable. Just try to remember you don’t have to give your whole self to emotion, just like you don’t have to lose your self in work. You can have the love you need without losing yourself.

Aquarius: It’s so hard to live, every day, knowing the world should be better but it isn’t. It’s hard to keep going, treating the world with kindness, doing your laundry and cleaning up after dinner, knowing there’s magic somewhere you can’t see. It’s hard to keep doing your best, when unkindness and pain keep thriving. If anger is the tool you need to fight your way out of this space, then use all the anger you have. Just don’t relinquish your joy, because you’ll need that, too.

Pisces: Making noise isn’t the only good way to say anything, and moving forward isn’t the only good way to be alive. If you have your bright kindness to guide you, if you have your values and dreams, then you don’t have to listen to anyone else’s idea of what shape your life should take. This week, you can move into the weirder spaces, the overgrown spaces, the sweet, unproductive spaces. When your heart moves in strange directions this week, it’s okay to follow.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 30