Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 9

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Tomorrow, Jupiter moves into Scorpio, where it will stay for the next year. On Saturday, Venus moves into Libra. Amid all this movement, will you feel your desires grow and expand, or will you feel them balance?

Aries: Even when you already know where you’re going, it can be good to wander. Even when you already know the words that are coming next, it can be good to listen and wait. This week, pay attention to your curiosity, even when it’s hazy, or so quiet you can hardly hear it. The answers you already know aren’t wrong, but they might not be the only answers.

Taurus: Looking out from this point where you stand, the fields look so vast, and the mountains so far. It’s hard to even imagine reaching the place you dream of going, but you’re lucky. You don’t have to imagine it. You just have to keep moving until you find yourself, suddenly, in the place you were seeking all along.

Gemini: When all you want is love, everything can look like love — or the lack of it. When all you want is safety, it can be hard to see anything but danger. You don’t have to ignore your desires, or to doubt the sharp instincts you carry in your skin. Just try to remember that there’s always more. The world still holds gifts that you’re not yet looking for.

Cancer: This week, think about what you’ll say no to. Think about the demands and the burdens you might be ready to shed. Letting go is its own hard work. It can feel like a separation, it can feel like a loss, but you’re growing into yourself here, too. Each time you throw off some weight, each time you step out from under some burden you never chose, a space opens up inside you.

Leo: This might be one of those weeks when it feels like the world is set on wringing you out. Remember that you still have the power to push back against this. You can keep loving the shape of your own self. You can keep loving what makes you difficult. You have a mind full of color and light, and you have things to do. There is no magic that isn’t strange; you don’t have to expect yours to be soft or easy, either.

Virgo: This week, there might be so many demands on your time, and on the gift of your careful attention — so many scrapes begging to be mended, gaps begging to be filled, stories begging to be heard. As much as you can, try not to lose yourself in these demands. You don’t have to do everything that’s asked of you. Your true obligations are fewer than you might imagine, but they’re broader, grander, more important. It’s already hard enough to be brave; let yourself focus your intensity where you choose.

Libra: This week, your dreams might shine so bright you feel like you have to hide them. Your energy might sparkle so golden in the sunlight it feels almost unfair — how were you given a heart so full in a world as bad as this one? How were you offered such love in a world so set on scarcity and denial? Hiding your joy or your brightness or your quick sharp mind won’t help. Remember, you’re allowed to shine, you’re allowed to let your true face show, you’re allowed to keep ascending.

Scorpio: Some people and some places will pull at you with a magnetic force, and you don’t need to deny those people and those places. But remind yourself, this week, that you’re allowed to choose where your warmth and intimacy comes from. Not every type of love can be the love you really need, and not every softness has to comfort you equally. Not every light has to mark your path home again, but you can choose the light that does.

Sagittarius: The world is full of strangeness and struggle, and every night stretches out a bit longer than the last. Sometimes, it’s okay to feel deep in your body how difficult it all is. You don’t have to spin every injustice into a narrative that makes sense. You don’t have to immediately see your way out of every dark hollow place, out of every painful corner of your own head. You can let yourself feel bad, sometimes, and then you can get up and keep moving. You won’t live in these feelings forever.

Capricorn: Sometimes, your joy can feel too fragile to share, too tender to subject to the sun’s yellow light. It’s okay, this week, to keep the best parts of you hidden. It’s okay to let them grow and change in a dreamy, quiet peace. There is work that needs to be done in the world, and there are people who still need your kindness, but you don’t have to share your whole self all the time.

Aquarius: It isn’t easy to find a space you can live in, and it isn’t easy to keep building a self that can be bright and kind and brave. This week, remind yourself this is difficult work. It’s okay if you’re tired. Your dreams and wild and bright. You’re trying to move toward a future so good it’s never been seen before, never even been imagined.

Pisces: You don’t have to cover new ground every day of your whole long life. You don’t have to move in a straight line, one foot always in front of the other, the stars overhead and the place you started somewhere far behind you. It’s valuable to rest, and it’s valuable to move sideways. Some feelings stay invisible, deepening and developing quietly inside you. Your stillness holds multitudes, too.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of October 9