Marco Rubio Says He’d Be President Now If He Had Just Watched Game of Thrones

Marco Rubio, who has definitely watched Game of Thrones.

Over the past few years, one form of trenchant analysis has repeatedly surfaced in the take cycle: “What if … politics … is like Game of Thrones.” Marco Rubio — Florida senator, high-heeled-bootie wearer, and former Republican presidential candidate — has apparently just arrived at this groundbreaking theory.

Haley Byrd, a Congressional reporter at the Independent Journal Review, tweeted that Rubio referenced the show while speaking at the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute’s annual trade symposium.

“If I’d have watched [Game of Thrones] two years ago, I would’ve been president,” he joked. “It’s got a lot of good strategies.”

Could it be possible that Rubio is catching up and binge-watching now? Well, just a few weeks ago he issued a hurricane safety warning to his state’s residents in which he said “It’s a great time to … catch up on Games of Throne, whatever it’s called, I haven’t watched it myself.” (The Marco Rubio version of “Go see a Star War.”)

Hey, at least he didn’t call Trump “Voldemort.”

Marco Rubio: I’d Be President If I Watched Game of Thrones