See Inside a Celebrity-Studded Halloween Party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo: Alex Hodor-Lee. Photo Editor: Biel Parklee.

On Thursday night, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted its first-ever All Hallows’ Eve costume party, which proved to be a much-needed Met Gala equivalent for the rest of New York.

The dress code was “mystical,” and guests interpreted the theme as an excuse to wear out-of-this-world fashions. Actress Jessica Chastain arrived dressed as a witch in all black; model Karlie Kloss went as a lace-clad cat with boyfriend Joshua Kushner in tow; and Nicky Hilton wore the white shoes and bag from her wedding in order to complete her Victorian bride look. Joan Smalls, however, dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

The museum at night is the perfect backdrop for a spooky Halloween party. (Wait, did that painting’s eyes just move?) And guests were encouraged to mingle among the many works of art. For entertainment, there were also dancers, tarot-card readers, and even an occult gathering around candles before the end of the night.

Inside the Met’s First Halloween Costume Party