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NYC Libraries Are Forgiving Children’s Unpaid Fines

New York Public Library Main Branch. Photo: Ingfbruno

You look like you could use a nice, feel-good news story, so here it is: On Thursday, all three New York City public library systems will forgive late fees for children 17 and under.

Per the New York Times, patrons can’t check out books after they’ve incurred $15 in late fines — meaning that an estimated 160,000 children haven’t been able to get more reading material. As they point out, this policy can be cost-prohibitive to children in the poorest neighborhoods.

The fine forgiveness is happening thanks to a donation from the JPB Foundation. It is, however, a one-time deal.

This news comes shortly after a policy change that made lunch free for all NYC public schoolchildren. New York values, right?

NYC Libraries Are Forgiving Children’s Unpaid Fines