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The New Paris Hilton Has 23 Perfumes, Goes to Clubs for Work

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“Loves It,the catchphrase coined by Paris Hilton over a decade ago still describes her attitude towards life in 2017. When Hilton called from Ibiza this summer, the heiress was having the best summer, at her favorite club, with her closest friends from around the world — all while wearing her 23rd perfume Rosé Rush. One of the earliest celebrities to start a fragrance empire back in 2004, her newest scent is a fruity floral with notes of rose petals, neroli, and lychee (it smells a bit like Clinque’s Happy).

The socialite spoke to the Cut about its curvy woman–inspired bottle, how she smelled during the height of her party days, and why she owes her fragrance career to her mom in the interview below.

What was your first scent memory?
When I was little my mom collected perfumes, she had a drawer full of them. My sister and I would always spray them on us. I said to my mom, “One day I want to have my own perfume.” Now it’s so crazy that I have 23. It’s definitely a dream come true, and something I always predicted.

Does your mom wear any of your scents?
Yeah she wears all of them. She loves that there’s so many of them. She told me she only wears my perfume, which is a huge compliment from my mom because she has amazing taste.

Is the shape of the Rosé Rush bottle supposed to represent your body?
I love making beautiful bottles. I thought that was the ultimate woman shape, it’s not supposed to be me, it’s supposed to be any woman.

Why do you think your fragrances are so popular?
Every time I come out with something very new and different. I always make sure the scent is perfect, the bottle is beautiful, fun, and interesting. I have such a close relationship with my fan base, they always love me and support me and collect each and every single one of the bottles.

What perfume did you wear at the height of your public party days? 
I was wearing the original Paris Hilton, the first one, and Heiress.

How do you apply perfume?
I apply my perfume by spraying it on my neck and pulse points. Then I spray it and walk through it because it smells so pretty.

What perfume do you wear to DJ?
I like to mix it up depending what mood I’m in. If I’m going to an event, right now Rosé Rush is the one that’s out, that’s the one that I’m talking about the most, I love wearing it.

In 2007 you said, “I don’t really go out as much anymore. If I do go out, I go out at like 11 and stay till 12. If it’s the weekend, I have parties at my house, because only cheese balls go out on the weekend.” Has your philosophy changed since you started DJing? 
Well, now I’ve been going out for so long and I’ve been in the scene. I basically only go out when I’m working, and then I’m there for my job. In my book I said a lot of things that were funny and tongue-in-cheek. If I’m not working on a weekend, I love to stay home, but if I am working most weekends especially during the summer, I have my residency every Sunday, so I have to be out. I don’t really consider it going out if you’re working.

Is there a scent that makes you particularly nostalgic?
Definitely my first fragrance, Paris Hilton. When that first came out I was so excited, and so proud and it’s still one of our number one sellers to this day. Girls have it in their purse, little mini ones that they carry around. So many people wear that around the world, I always get compliments on it, that’s a special memory for me.

Trends you popularized in the early 2000s like Juicy Couture and crop tops came back. Are there any you wish didn’t?
I’m loving everything that’s coming back! Everything I’m seeing coming back is all stuff I used to love to wear. Which I thought was very before it’s time, now I see Instagram, girls wearing insane styles from back then, I love it.

What’s the most unconventional scent you’ve tried to capture in a fragrance? For instance, I love the smell of dry cleaners.
No, I’ve been in the business for so long, I’ve learned so much about scents and what works together and what won’t. Everything I put together always fits well. I’ve been very lucky in that way.

Do you have a least favorite smell?
I’m not into patchouli, I don’t like that at all.

The New Paris Hilton Has 23 Perfumes, Goes to Clubs for Work