Polaroid Photographer Maripol Pays Homage to New York House-Music Scene

Photo: Daniel King

In 1972, a music club in Midtown called Pea Nuts apparently opened its doors and dance floor with a female DJ, Bert Lockett, on the decks. Pea Nuts, which would later become Better Days, is considered to have been a pivotal role player in establishing the New York house music scene. Now, a reincarnation of the club Happy Ending at 302 Broome Street is paying homage to Better Days with an exhibition. Rita Cruz, Eddie Brannan, Skylar Pittman, Luke Brown, and owner Oliver Stumm got together to curate the show. The exhibition features works from, among others, Daniel King and Polaroid photographer Maripol, as well as Olaf Breuning and Dustin Pittman.

The exhibition is on view at Better Days, 302 Broome Street, New York, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m., through December. 

Photographer Maripol and Others Remember NYC House Scene