Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener Leads to School Evacuation

Photo: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Pumpkin spice is divisive — some people like it, others correctly identify it as Satan’s potpourri. More evidence pointing to the latter? A high school in Baltimore had to be evacuated because of an overpowering scent that turned out to be a pumpkin spice air freshener.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Cristo Rey Jesuit High School was cleared out on Thursday afternoon while the fire department and a Hazmat team investigated an “unusual smell.” It turned out to be a plug-in pumpkin spice air freshener located in one of the classrooms, though its scent appeared to overtake the whole school. “Several students and teachers reported difficulty breathing,” according to the Sun, and the fire department “took two students and three adults to the hospital for ailing stomachs.”

The school reopened on Friday, with a counselor at hand to discuss the incident — namely, that friends don’t let friends use pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener Leads to School Evacuation