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9 Ways to Add Some Edge to Your Outfit

As sophisticated as your wardrobe might be, it’s fun to occasionally cut loose. When the ennui sets in, and even the most elegant pair of heels feels lackluster, you need to shake things up. Why not take a cue from all of the edgy styles seen throughout fashion month and try something with more bite? Maybe it’s as simple as swapping your normal ankle boots for a combat style or switching those sedate gold hoops for a pair of safety pin-and-pearl earrings. Or maybe you want to go even further and get a flashy bag or sandals. Scroll ahead to see nine ways to rough up your look.

Sleek Combat Boots

True, the ones with the yellow stitching are classic, but this black-on-black version is more subtle.

Add Fishnets

But not the tights kind. Instead, try a gauzy top you can layer over dresses or camisoles.

Get One Safety-Pin Item

The pretty pearl side acts as a counterbalance to the punky pin.

Try a Deliberately Distressed Sweater

The subtle tears make this thin sweater more than just basic.

A Cheeky Plaid Skirt

A Bag That Means Business

The hefty chain says you’re not one to be messed with.

Killer Evening Shoes

Shocking red coupled with grommets make for flashy feet.

A Wearable, Punk-Inspired Runway Dress

Forgo the ripped tights and you have a fashion-forward dress that could easily work for a night out.

The Classic Edgy Topper

Because you can never go wrong with a moto jacket, especially by the cool kids at Acne Studios.

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9 Ways to Add Some Edge to Your Outfit