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Finally, The Holy Grail of Dry Shampoo

R+Co Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder

Does the world need another dry shampoo? I didn’t think so. If dry shampoo was the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, we would be on The Fast and the Furious 37 by now. But much like The Rock gave the belabored movie premise some juicy energy, trust hairstylist braintrust R+Co to have revitalized and improved a workhouse product.

Sure, MIT scientists may not have been involved in the formulation of this dry shampoo, but three of the most famous hairstylists in the world (and who use the stuff daily) created Skyline. Unlike other dry shampoos who are dispensed in a wet, overly strong aerosol, Skyline is a dry shampoo powder that is emitted in a soft cloud. That’s purposeful design for a few reasons: It doesn’t come out in a wet, cold jolt, it allows the “shampoo” to cover more surface area more evenly and thus feel un-gritty and more clean, and it uses less product.

Thom Priano (the man who created all of Bruce Weber’s Abercrombie campaign hair), Howard McLaren (the man who invented razor cutting), and Garren (who has no last name but has more Vogue covers than any other hairstylist in history) also created a blend of ingredients including a mineral earth compound and vitamin-rich jojoba seed oil which works to sop up grease and oil without making the hair feel chunky, and even adds texture and volume. I typically use dry shampoo as a Hail Mary pass for when things get really bad and I’ve been particularly lazy in washing my hair. But because Skyline works so subtly, makes my roots look bouncy without a blow dry, and adds texture to my flat, straight hair, I started using this the second day post-wash.

A few caveats: The product is pleasantly scented although a bit strong. Be careful not to breathe in as you spray-puff the shampoo, otherwise a good portion will get into your lungs, and you’ll need to do the tiniest bit of patting to blend it in.

Finally, The Holy Grail of Dry Shampoo