The Edgiest Street-Style Looks From Fashion Month

Seoul Fashion Week. Photo: Nabile Quenum

There are many different ways to be a street-style star today.

You can catch the attention of photographers with super on-trend pieces, like shimmering Gucci sequins, Vetements platform heels, or Balenciaga from head-to-toe.

You can stand out from the fashion crowd in one-of-a-kind vintage threads, or minimalist looks that are so meticulously pared-down they’re actually maximalist.

You can go for bright colors, big shapes, or loud graphic T-shirt slogans like, “Look at me, I’m a street-style star!”

Or you can be what the fashion world calls “edgy,” and attempt to do all of the above — at the same time. Edginess means defying all the fashion rules that came before you. It’s about starting trends, not following them. It’s a guerrilla fashion shoot on the side of a bus. It’s wearing a Balenciaga blanket as a cape.

At the end of the day, edginess is in the eye of the beholder. See all our picks for the edgiest looks from Fashion Month, below.

The Edgiest Street-Style Looks From Fashion Month