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This Spanish Vacation House Has a Very Unusual Shape for a Very Good Reason

The inverted triangle: The architects demur when asked if the house is a futuristic design. “It’s an original form from ancient times,” says Makoto Takei, a principal at TNA.

For the Solo Houses project, in which French developer Christian Bourdais gave 15 architecture firms free rein to design holiday homes in the Matarraña region of Spain, Tokyo-based Takei Nabeshima Architects proposed an inverted concrete pyramid, rising out of the ground. It has three separate floors and a pool and looks like a Bond villain’s mountain lair, but the flipped form is practical: The house acts like a tree, providing ample shade in the hot Mediterranean climate. To principal architect Makoto Takei, the house — construction will likely begin next year — is “a building somewhere between nature and architecture.”

*This article appears in the October 2, 2017, issue of New York Magazine.

This Spanish House Has an Unusual Shape for a Good Reason