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Thom Browne Showed the Fashion Unicorn of Your Dreams

In fashion, we’re always talking about the “dream” and “fantasy” of clothing, but it is rare to see a collection that actually delivers on that promise, especially in today’s see-now-buy-now, Instagram-first world.

But for Thom Browne’s ready-to-wear debut at Paris Fashion Week, the designer did his version of see now, dream now, with an imaginative spring 2018 collection inspired by fairy tales and magical worlds where mermaids and unicorns are possible.

Upon arrival at the show, which took place Tuesday at the stunning Hôtel de Ville, guests were given wands and fairy dust by men wearing white skirts and four-inch heels. Meanwhile, two other models were tucked into a bed with a planetary installation next to them, reminiscent of the glow-in-the-dark ceiling of a child’s bedroom.

The show opened with a high-fashion mermaid, who took the runway with her tail made of tulle as “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid soundtrack played. Other underwater motifs like anchors and tentacles were sprinkled throughout the collection, including a nod to the villainous Ursula. More nightmarish looks also slipped into this dream world, most noticeably in the form of a black skeleton dress.

The show closed with perhaps the most fantastical moment of all of Fashion Month: an enormous white unicorn walked the runway, propelled by models in all white and a space cowgirl leading the way. See every detail as captured by photographer Vito Fernicola.

Thom Browne Showed the Fashion Unicorn of Your Dreams