Here’s Donald Trump Shooting Paper Towels Into a Crowd of Hurricane Victims

Donald Trump practicing his shot. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

In the time since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Donald Trump has slammed the San Juan mayor on Twitter and dedicated a golf trophy to the storm’s victims. The president then flew down to the island for a visit on Tuesday, which has been going, well, you’ll see.

After telling elected officials that they’ve “thrown our budget a little out of whack” and comparing Maria to “a ‘real catastrophe’ like Katrina,” he visited a church stocked with supplies for hurricane victims, where the optics only got worse.

The president can be seen throwing paper-towel rolls into the crowd as if he were shooting basketballs:

It’s reminiscent of when he pretended to eat a relief sandwich meant for Hurricane Irma victims during a Florida trip last month. Unlike that visit, and one to Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston before that, he has not complained about being given too-small plastic gloves. Yet.

Trump Shoots Paper Towels Into Crowd of Hurricane Victims