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What to Wear When It Feels Like Summer in October

Is it summer? Not really. But is it fall? Not if you step outside. When the sun is up, it’s hot and sticky; when it sets, the temperature drops and you desperately need a jacket. If you’re confused about how to dress for this moody weather, join the club. Scroll ahead for eight items of foolproof layers to get you through October and take you into winter, if it ever decides to show up.

A Timeless Striped Shirt

There are a thousand iterations of the striped top, but J.Crew’s is the best because the material never loses its shape. See that boat neckline? It will never droop, no matter how many times you wash it.

Pants to Layer With Anything

Wide-leg culottes look just as good with a cropped top or a chunky sweater.

The Cure-all Jacket

Dusters are the perfect light layer — not as thick as a sweater, but more substantial than a scarf.

A Fall Blouse

A burgundy ruffle blouse feels timely for fall, but since the silhouette is flowy, you won’t break a sweat on warmer days.

A Printed Shirtdress

A simple shirtdress in moody florals is never a bad idea.

Fun Closed-Toe Heels

Photo: afront

Perfect for when it’s well past sandal season but you’re not quite ready to break out the boots.

The Work Staple

If you’re not into classic blazers, consider a long, sleeveless vest. They make you look tall and instantly add a bit of sophistication to any outfit.

A Modern Cardigan

Tie this around your waist when you’re outside, then pop it on at work to ward off the office’s permanently blasting the AC. Wear it with wide-legged pants now, and once winter comes, layer it over a bodysuit with high-waisted jeans.

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What to Wear When It Feels Like Summer in October