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This Tool Will Give You Bouncy Salon Hair

T3 BodyWaver
T3 BodyWaver.

Remember when you styled your hair at home and it looked as good as a salon job? Yeah, me neither. Even the most adroit DIY-ers struggle with mimicking the bounce and volume of salon-styled hair.

After I blow-dry and straighten my curly hair with a flat iron, it always looks smooth but limp. I’ve tried hot rollers as a remedy, but the volume they create is always short-lived. Wands produce curls that are too small, and my old gold-plated curling iron dries out my hair. Nothing I used at home really worked, but then a clunky gizmo from T3 entered my life.

T3’s BodyWaver is enormous, like one vibrating Rabbit stacked atop another, but it’s not heavy. I use the barrel to get big hair in one of two ways. For all-around volume, I hold the BodyWaver horizontally and roll a two-inch section of my hair upwards in a counterclockwise direction, starting at my ends. I continue that practice all throughout my hair, and then sweep a paddle brush misted with holding spray over my work so that the style looks voluminous, but not piece-y.

Or, for big, loose waves, I grab another two-inch section of hair, only this time I hold the curling rod vertically as I roll the barrel away from my face. When I’ve curled all of my hair, I brush the pieces together with a paddle brush. The result is big, bouncy hair that looks manufactured in a salon.

Coated in heat-conducting metal, the curling irons of yore tend to fry healthy hair. T3’s BodyWaver is made with ceramic material, which is pricier than gold-plated options, but gentler to hair — especially thin, fussy hair like mine. Get one, and everyone will assume you have your hairdresser on speed dial.

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This Tool Gives You Bouncy Salon Hair