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Beyoncé Brought a Plus-One to Serena Williams’s Wedding (Her Ponytail)

Beyoncé at Serena William’s Wedding Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/beyonce

The guest list was strict at Serena William’s New Orleans wedding this weekend, but Beyoncé brought a plus-one anyway: A butt-long bronde ponytail. With its crimped texture, extreme length, and go-with-the-flow attitude, it was arguably the best and most stand-out party guest. Beyoncé flung the ponytail over her shoulder and let it dance in the wind in a mini-shoot for her 108 million Instagram followers.

The ponytail and luxury status symbol also really took the time to enjoy the wedding festivities. It posed for pictures, rode the carousel, and was later seen mingling in the VIP section and exchanging kid pictures with Kim Kardashian West. It sounds like the ponytail had a great time.

Beyoncé’s Ponytail Attended Serena Williams’s Wedding