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How to Exfoliate Like a Whale

Bowhead whales. Photo: Michael Nolan/Getty Images

If you’ve ever wondered, “Hmmmm what is the skin-care routine of whales, specifically bowhead whales?” then you’re in luck: scientists have finally figured out how these whales keep their skin looking so fresh and natural.

As Quartz reports, researchers from Canada and the U.S. used drones (of course) to watch 81 bowhead whales swimming off the coast of northeast Canada. They determined that the whales would rub up against large boulders to scrape off their old skin and make room for new skin — which sounds a lot like exfoliating, if you ask us.

Scientists had apparently been baffled for a long time as to why these whales appeared to get “frisky” with large rocks — until the drones got involved, that is. “We could clearly see these whales clustered around these boulders taking turns sloughing off skins,” researcher Sarah Fortune of the University of British Columbia told the New York Times.

However, scientists aren’t sure whether these whales are getting rid of old skin for beauty’s sake or to make room for their summer skin. But either way, we can’t wait to introduce rocks into our grooming routines.

Finally: Here’s the Skin-Care Routine of a Bowhead Whale