Canadian Man Suing to Keep ‘GRABHER’ License Plate

Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/lorne.grabher

A Canadian man is riled up after losing the right to drive with a “GRABHER” vanity license plate. The owner, Lorne Grabher of Nova Scotia, is selling bumper stickers in support of his right to keep it.

“Grabher” is actually the guy’s last name, not a strategy to keep women out of his way on the road. His family managed to use the namesake on vehicles for 27 years before officials cracked down. In January the Transportation Department finally revoked the plate, deeming it “inappropriate.” Probably for the best — it was only a matter of time before the phrase made its way into a viral Instagram selfie.

Officials claim Grabher’s repercussions had nothing to do with President Trump’s infamous comment, but the retiree is dubious. In an affidavit written this month, Grabher suggests people have gotten too sensitive, and points out the hypocrisy of Canada’s government when there are places named “Dildo” and “Blow Me Down Provincial Park.”

We’ll see how that argument holds up in court come September.

Canadian Man Suing to Keep ‘GRABHER’ License Plate