Candidate Whose Girlfriend Was Killed on Live TV Wins Seat Campaigning Against Gun Violence

Chris Hurst. Photo: Heather Rousseau/AP

More than one heartwarming tale came out of Virginia last night: Former local news anchor Chris Hurst won a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates campaigning on a gun-control platform. His girlfriend, fellow anchor Alison Parker, and her cameraman Adam Ward were murdered by a former co-worker on air in 2015.

Hurst was spurred to politics following Parker’s death. He penned an op-ed for the Daily Beast in February titled, “Roanoke Victim’s Boyfriend Chris Hurst: I’m Running for Office to Honor Her.” The Democratic then-candidate, now-delegate wrote, “Journalism offered me a great outlet to highlight when freedoms were threatened. Now I can fight for those who are most vulnerable.”

Hurst secured a narrow lead over incumbent Joseph Yost. Part of his platform was to reduce gun violence. He wrote on his site that his “focus remains on those most susceptible to homicide and suicide from firearms.”

Candidate Whose Girlfriend Killed on Live TV Wins Election