12 Chic Fall Looks That Say ‘I’m Harboring a Murderous Secret’

Photo: Courtesy of TBS

On the second season of TBS’s Search Party, our favorite gang of Brooklyn narcissists start to fall apart as they deal with the consequences of last season’s murderous mishap. Thankfully, one thing that doesn’t suffer is Elliott’s (John Early) wardrobe. Thanks to costume designer Matthew Simonelli, Elliott was already a master of pattern matching, accessorizing, and monochrome color coordination — and being an accomplice to a heinous crime seems only to have improved his fashion sense, ushering in a series full of bold head-to-toe looks that declare, If I’m going to spend the rest of my life in prison stripes, you can bet I’m going to make these last few weeks of fashion freedom count.

Here are some of Elliott’s most memorable lewks — a worthy reminder that just because your life is unraveling, your wardrobe doesn’t have to.

12 Fall Looks That Say ‘I’m Harboring a Murderous Secret’