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Everlane’s Cool New Puffer Coats Cost Less Than $175

Everlane is making a serious attempt to solve all your wardrobe problems. Now that they’ve released affordable cashmere, ankle boots, and jeans, it’s time for them to explore the last cold-weather frontier: the trendy yet practical puffer coat.

The company describes its new puffers as “coats that look cool in the cold,” and we’ve got to admit they got it right. With three coats released today — a lightweight slim-fit version, a short cropped version, and a long cozy version — there’s a style for everyone. Each puffer comes with military-approved premium insulation, yet they’re still under $175. As with all things Everlane, there’s limited stock, so you’ll want to jump on these fast. Scroll down to see all the options.

The Lightweight Puffer

Ideal for in-between fall weather.

The Cropped and Boxy Puffer

The boxy fit is perfect for layering, and there’s a hood — something you don’t normally find on cropped jackets.

The Heavy-Duty Puffer

Long, butt-covering puffer coats can go for up to $1,000. This one feels like a sleeping bag and costs only $168. Need we say more?

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Everlane’s Cool New Puffer Coats Cost Less Than $175