Study Confirms What You’ve Been Saying All Year: 2017 Is Way Worse Than 2016

Protest signs. Photo: Steve Exum/FilmMagic/Getty

Finally, what you’ve been saying for the past 11 months has been proven right: A new study by Gallup found that life in America has been far worse in 2017 than it was in the distant past — and by that we mean 2016, if you can even remember that far back anymore.

According to the study, overall well-being among adults in the U.S. declined “substantially” in 2017 — which, as you’ll recall, is a year that has been filled with several lifetime’s worth of crappy things. As the Washington Post notes, the study found a “significant and meaningfully large” drop in well-being from the previous year — particularly among women, minorities, Democrats, and low-income citizens.

To calculate “well-being,” Gallup asked people a number of questions in the categories of physical health, financial health, community involvement, a sense of purpose, and social support. The average well-being index score for 2017 was 61.5 — which is down 0.6 points from 2016 and marks Gallup’s biggest drop since 2008 — which, as you’ll recall, was the start of the recession.

Everything may suck, but at least we get the validation of knowing we were right about it sucking.

Important Study Confirms 2017 Is Way Worse Than 2016