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Everything at Glossier Is on Sale Right Now

Today, while you’re familiarizing yourself with Thanksgiving Day leftovers, another important matter is afoot: sales. Even Glossier is joining the fun. Everything on the site is currently 20 percent off and will remain so until November 27 (plus shipping is free!). Scroll down to see what you should buy.

The Perfect Winter Cleanser

Milky Jelly Cleanser
$14 at Glossier

No matter your skin type — dry, acneic, or oily — you don’t want a drying cleanser. Anything remotely drying is damaging. With Milky Jelly, Glossier has created a powerful cleanser in the form of a cushiony, gentle wash. It’s the cashmere sweater of cleansers, except rose-scented and actually affordable.

Original Price: $18

The Crucial “No Makeup” Makeup Pick

Wowder Finishing Powder
$18 at Glossier

People joke that Glossier makes makeup for people who are already pretty, but that conceit is its genius. Wowder, the brand’s tinted loose powder, will make your face less oily and more even in tone. Dust a little over your foundation to set it, or apply as needed on your t-zone to minimize shine. It’s so light, so non-cakey, that it looks like nothing at all.

Original Price: $22

If You Like Bougie Showers

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash
$14 at Glossier

I never realized a shower could be glamorous until Body Hero’s shower oil came along. The neroli-infused oil lathers into a light foam that cleans and softens your skin, and the fancy scent and smooth texture elevates the experience into something indulgent.

Original Price: $18

The Insanely Popular Eyebrow Gel

Boy Brow
$13 at Glossier

At one point, this non-flakey eyebrow gel commanded a 10,000-person waitlist. Luckily for you, Glossier beefed up its stock. Choose from one of the three tinted shades, or get the clear one to keep brow hairs in place.

Original Price: $16

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Everything at Glossier Is on Sale Right Now