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Everyone Asks Me Where They Can Get These Candles

Photo: David Kimelman/Mr Burkelman Inc

Candles have become too serious. They have French names, their containers are described as “vessels,” and their scent descriptions have become as impenetrable as the ones that accompany perfume. I guess it’s not entirely surprising that something that translates to bougie in French is actually very bougie.

But all things, candles included, are improved by a sense of humor, which is why everyone that has visited my apartment loves my new Princess Jasmine Sparkles candle. Made by Hudson Valley design duo Burkelman, these candles are beautiful, funny, and great-smelling, all at the same time. Each one has a scent you could easily describe in a few words; comes in tasteful, clear glass; and has been bestowed with a name full of personality.

Like Princess Jasmine Sparkles, which has a scent reminiscent of tuberose with a hint of Champagne bubbles. A woodsy, Feu du Bois–like candle is called That Hudson Valley Candle because it smells exactly like your dream upstate Airbnb. A sandalwood candle that seems like it should belong in some rich, well-traveled person’s house is called Ambassador So-and-So.

In addition to looking great, the candles are also well-crafted. They’re made of soy, which has the benefit of burning 30 to 50 percent more slowly and releasing less soot into your home. Burkelman says that their candles “smell like a life well-lived, while you’re living it.” You don’t have to be bougie to appreciate that.

Everyone Asks Me Where They Can Get These Candles